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nigger +‎ -ess


niggeress (plural niggeresses, masculine nigger)

  1. (dated, offensive) A black woman; a negress.
    • 1864, Henry Mayhew, German Life and Manners as Seen in Saxony at the Present Day
      Poor thing ! why whenever I thinks of that there female niggeress, and what she went through with us, it does pain me to turn my eyes back and look on it...
    • 1922, Hugh Lofting, Voyages of Doctor Dolittle‎
      Myself, I think it was an albino niggeress. She had red hair and the biggest feet you ever saw. But Bumpo was no end pleased with her...
    • 1974, Folsom Prison, Echoes off the Walls
      That niggeress Joann Something is pregnant and she been locked up for nine months...