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nigger +‎ -fy +‎ -ed


niggerfied (comparative more niggerfied, superlative most niggerfied)

  1. (offensive, ethnic slur) Brought into niggerdom; converted to the ways or norms of niggers.
    • 1918, Elizabeth Robins, Camilla
      But now she was addressing Mrs. Trenholme in a drawling, niggerfied English []
    • 1999, Barbara E. Smith, Neither Separate Nor Equal: Women, Race, and Class in the South (page 48)
      They knowed the Melungeons, like the Cherokees had let runaway slaves hide out amongst them. This with their dark skin was enough to make our grandpappies see pretty plain that the Melungeons was a niggerfied people.
    • 2004, Denise Fillyaw, Water Sign (page 237)
      I finally called the Lionel Show, and was fortunate that this intelligent, not loud or niggerfied, college educated black woman answered.