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nigger +‎ -y; compare nig.


niggy (plural niggies)

  1. (offensive, ethnic slur) nigger (black person)
    • 1928, Newman Ivey White, American Negro Folk-Songs (page 443)
      Joe cotton, dig corn, / Den we feed de niggies, / An oh, lord Moses, / What a liscious time for niggas.
    • 1994, SPIN (volume 10, number 3, page 96)
      Such songs as "What a Niggy Know" and "Black Bastards and Bitches" gather force as they go along, making subtle and sometimes funny comments on everyday stuff []
    • 1976, New York Magazine (volume 9, number 47, page 102)
      "Whites don't like us because they think we're niggies. And blacks don't like us because they think we're whiteys. We don't fit anywhere. That's why we've gone off alone, created a totally separate thing."