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nine +‎ -some


ninesome (plural ninesomes)

  1. A group of nine persons or things.
    • 1954, The Folk Dancer, volumes 1–3, page 34:
      In the ninesome reel the dance is fully organized; i.e. there is no arbitrary change of partner, and quite sophisticated dance-figures occur.
    • 1958, October 13, LIFE [1]:
      As they stood before a staid cast-iron gate across the street from where they work, they made as toothsome a ninesome as could ever be glimpsed anywhere.
    • 2008, Stephen Clarkson, Does North America Exist?: Governing the Continent After NAFTA and 9/11, page 441:
      On that day, representatives from each country's business community presented their fifty-one detailed recommendations to an impressive trinational ninesome.