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From Latin nitidus.


nitid (comparative more nitid, superlative most nitid)

  1. Bright; lustrous; shining.
    Synonym: nitty (obsolete, rare)
    • 1664, Robert Boyle, Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours
      Thus we restore Old pieces of Dirty Gold to a clean and nitid Yellow, by putting them into the Fire, and into Aqua-fortis, which take off the adventitious Filth that made that pure Metall look of a Dirty Colour.
    • 1864, Francis P. Pascoe, Longicornia Malayana in Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, Third Series, Vol. III
      mandibles black ; palpi testaceous ; elytra reddish-brown, slightly nitid, the central portion with a few barely preceptible ashy spots ...
  2. (obsolete, of a person) Festively or smartly dressed; spruce; fine.
    • 1657, Thomas Reeve, God's Plea for Nineveh
      yet amongst these doth the nitid spark spend out his time: this is the Gallant's day!
    • 1852, Anon., Memoirs of a Man of the World in Bentley's Miscellany, Vol. XXXI
      My sable friend, for he was an eccclesiastic, was, however, not nitid as usual. There was a looseness of trousers, and a sloppiness of shoe, that savoured no longer of St. James's-street.