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no-nonsense (comparative more no-nonsense, superlative most no-nonsense)

  1. Practical, not tolerating from others or concerning oneself with anything silly or unimportant.
    Her no-nonsense way of resolving issues impressed her superiors.
    • 2020 November 18, Howard Johnston, “The missing 'Lincs' and the sole survivor”, in Rail, page 58:
      We can now better understand the vision of three local authorities to hire no-nonsense former Eastern Region General Manager Gerry Fiennes to take on his old British Rail adversaries - and win.
    • 2023 January 17, Kate Connolly, “Germany’s no-nonsense new defence minister faces early test over Ukraine”, in The Guardian[1], →ISSN:
      Pistorius [] has a reputation as a sharp-tongued, no-nonsense policymaker.
  2. No-frills.
    • 2011, Vincent J. Guihan, New American Vegan, page 204:
      This grilled cheeze [sic] sandwich makes for a rich but no-nonsense brunch []