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nobody's fool (plural nobody's fools)

  1. (set phrase) A person who is not easily deceived or victimized; one who is perceptive, clever, or thoroughly common-sensical.
    • 1910, Jack London, Theft: A Play In Four Acts, Characters:
      Also, he is nobody's fool. He possesses the brain and strength of character to play his part.
    • 1914, William MacLeod Raine, The Pirate of Panama, ch. 6:
      He was nobody's fool, and there was no doubt but he had very soon detected the trick his cousin had played upon him.
    • 1986 Jan. 18, Jack Anderson, "Dance: A Tribute to Jerome Robbins," New York Times (retrieved 12 May 2015):
      But one could tell from her assurance that she was nobody's fool and would stand for no nonsense.
    • 2003 Dec. 22, Roderic Dunnett, "Cecilia Bartoli: The singing pioneer," Independent (UK) (retrieved 12 May 2015):
      Yet her musical stature, and intelligence are undisputed: she is nobody's fool, and she remains, quite simply, a perfectionist.

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