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Alternative forms[edit]


From nom de plume.



nom de Web (plural noms de Web)

  1. (informal) A pseudonym used when publishing on the World Wide Web.
    • 1996, Vibe, Volume 4, Issues 7-10, page 378,
      Friedberg — whose nom de Web is StinkE — is an 18-year-old, hip hop-loving Hiero fan who started his site in August, 1995 as a tribute to his favorite crew.
    • 2006, The New Yorker, Volume 82, Issues 20-28, page 48,
      On the same day, Barista of Bloomfield Avenue, the nom de Web of Debbie Galant, who lives in a suburban town in New Jersey and is one of the most esteemed "hyperlocal bloggers" in the country, led with a picture from her recent vacation in the Berkshires.
    • 2009 December, Cincinnati Magazine, page 93,
      We are smitten with Nemo Wolfe. That's the charming nom de Web of Mercantile Library executive director Albert Pyle (our own Dr. Know) when he posts on their delightfully omnivorous blog.