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Alternative forms[edit]


From non- +‎ pedantic.


non-pedantic (not comparable)

  1. Not pedantic.
    • 1862 July 12, “The Oxford Commemoration”, in The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, and Art, volume XIV, number 350, London: [] the Office, [], page 44:
      The man whom the country is bent on honouring most at present, because he is so clever and successful, and is so curiously young for his time of life, is precisely the ideal of a non-pedantic University man realized in the highest sphere of the practical world.
    • 1871 July 31, “Apropos”, “Three Briefs in re the Adornment of Bath Abbey”, in The Bath Chronicle, volume 113, number 5884, published 3 August 1871, page 5:
      The very site of our Abbey was identical, or nearly so, with the heathen temple of Sul, and the city then dedicated to that goddess, and called Aquæ Sulis (not Solis, if Mr. Barham and non-pedantic antiquaries may be relied on).
    • 1998, L. V. Beloussov, “A hierarchy of Dynamic Structures in Developing Organisms, as Traced in an Ascending Order”, in The Dynamic Architecture of a Developing Organism: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Development of Organisms, Springer-Science+Business Media, →ISBN, section 1 (Mechanical stresses, strains and the supramolecular devices, that produce them), subsection 6 (The concept of an active cytogel, with some additions and generalizations), page 99:
      The developing organisms seem to be very non-pedantic in their attitude to the formal categories.