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non- +‎ discursive


nondiscursive (not comparable)

  1. Not discursive.
    • 1974, Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., chapter 8, in The Myth of Mental Illness[1], ISBN 0-06-091151-4, page 135:
      This viewpoint is especially relevant to the interpretation of
      such things as the dance, music, religious ritual, and the
      representative arts. In all of these, one person can enter into a
      significant relationship with another by means of a nondiscur-
      sign system. Using a pharmaceutical analogy, it is as if the
      language—dance, art, etc.—were the vehicle in which the
      active ingredient—human contact—is suspended and con-
      tained. Many things that people do together have mainly this
      function, whether it be playing tennis, going hunting with a
      friend, or attending a scientific meeting.