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Alternative forms[edit]

  • non-game


non- +‎ game


nongame (not comparable)

  1. Not a game, or unrelated to a game
    • 2007 January 7, “Letters to the Editor”, in New York Times[1]:
      The Monday night team in particular is so annoying with all the nongame chatter, you would think it was a talk show rather than a football game.
  2. Not a game animal
    • 1988 April 15, James Krohe Jr., “Where Has All the Flora Gone?”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Plants were included recently in the definition of "wildlife" supportable by funds collected via the nongame wildlife checkoff on Illinois income tax returns, but that was a triumph of lobbying, not public opinion.


nongame (plural nongames)

  1. An activity, etc. that is not a game.