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non- +‎ paid


nonpaid (not comparable)

  1. For which no payment is levied.
    • 1877 January 1, “Considerations on municipal government”, in Fraser's Magazine[1], volume 15, page 39:
      Whether we see an underpaid Minister of War selling contracts for the supply of the army, and receiving bribes through the hands of his wife from the men to whom he pays out the public money, or the member of a nonpaid board jobbing for the execution of a lucrative contract for his nominee, the details bear a great family resemblance.
    • 1986, Michael Kearney, The Winds of Ixtepeji: World View and Society in a Zapotec Town[2]:
      As in most small rural Mexican communities, local residents fill municipal office, or cargos, on a nonpaid basis.
    • 2007 February 2, The New York Times, “Theater Listings”, in New York Times[3]:
      The show’s director, Tania Inessa Kirkman, and her design team have created a set that enthusiastically embraces commercialism by including a slew of obvious (but nonpaid) product placements, commercials for everything from Red Bull to Campbell’s Soup that play during intermission and corporate logos, made of light, dancing across the stage floor.