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non- +‎ raven


nonraven (plural nonravens)

  1. That which is not a raven.
    • 1982, Paul Horwich, Probability and evidence (page 60)
      Similarly, there are various ways of gathering the data that something is a nonblack nonraven.
    • 2001, Peter Achinstein, The book of evidence
      Let us return to the hypothesis that generated the paradox: All nonblack things are nonravens.
    • 2007, Marc Lange, Philosophy of science: an anthology
      Hempel remarks that if we know that we are indoors, and so that the object under examination is a nonraven, then we have no need to check whether it is nonblack (ie, to do ornithology indoors) in order for our report of that object to logically entail H's development.

Usage notes[edit]