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Alternative forms[edit]


non- +‎ sectarian


nonsectarian (comparative more nonsectarian, superlative most nonsectarian)

  1. Of or pertaining to nonsectarianism.
    • 1818, Methodist Review, publ. Methodist Book Concern, pg. 538:
      The children will not go to church, few will attend Sunday school, but they will attend a nonsectarian Bible school.
    • 1915, William Henry Slingerland, Child Welfare Work in Pennsylvania: A Co-operative Study of Child-helping Agencies and Institutions, Russell Sage Foundation, Dept. of Child-helping, pg. 167:
      The cottage institutions are first divided into two sections; the nonsectarian and those under some church management.
    • 2009, William L Cleveland and Martin Bunton, A History of the Modern Middle East, 4th ed., Seal Press, ISBN 9780813343747, pg. 131:
      Christian Arabs, as members of a restricted minority community, had a special interest in promoting the concept of equality based on nonsectarian considerations, but the appeal of a shared sentiment of Arabness attracted Muslims too.



nonsectarian (plural nonsectarians)

  1. One who is not a sectarian.