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Alternative forms[edit]


non- +‎ toxic


nontoxic (not comparable)

  1. Not toxic; not poisonous.
    Synonyms: atoxic, nonpoisonous
    Antonyms: poisonous, toxic
    Hypernyms: harmless, innocuous
    • 2022 October 25, Willy Staley, “The Try Guys and the Prison of Online Fame”, in The New York Times Magazine[1]:
      The Try Guys, like everyone making a living online, were inevitably shaped by their audience’s desires: They and their fans all had their hands on the Ouija board, and together they conjured a nontoxic brand of masculinity — until Fulmer flicked the lights on, exposing the fantasy.



nontoxic (plural nontoxics)

  1. A substance that is not toxic.
    • 1997, Karen Logan, Clean House Clean Planet, page 101:
      I've simplified car cleaning to just the basic nontoxics.
    • 2008, Phil Bourjaily, “New Age Birdshot”, in Field & Stream, volume 113, number 2, page 26:
      The point is that increasingly we'll have two choices: fight lead bans and lose, or learn what nontoxics work for upland birds.