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nose-to-nose (comparative more nose-to-nose, superlative most nose-to-nose)

  1. Direct, confrontational.
    • 1988 April, Popular Mechanics, volume 165, number 4, page 70:
      Almost indistinguishable from the earlier 115-horse airplane, the new model is designed from the ground up to go nose-to-nose with big-engine, high-performance kit planes.
    • 1999 September 14, Ted Gideonsi, The Advocate, number 794, page 34:
      Several. airlines. offer. domestic-partner. benefits. and. soar. into. a. nose-to-nose. battle. to. prove. which. carrier. can. take. you. higher.
    • 2006, Martin Fojt, The Airline Industry, page 11:
      "Nose to nose" describes the ongoing conflict between the two manufacturers over alleged subsidy levels each has received.