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From Latin noster ‎(our).



nostrify ‎(third-person singular simple present nostrifies, present participle nostrifying, simple past and past participle nostrified)

  1. To nostrificate; to grant recognition to a degree from a foreign university.
    • 1936, Statistics of Land-grant Colleges and Universities‎, page 17
      The status of academic school is conferred on any institution by a special law, and only academic schools are authorized to confer degrees and nostrify degrees granted Polish citizens abroad.
    • 1997, The Polish Review‎, volume 42, page 81
      He wanted to lecture on medicine and for that reason planned to nostrify his Paduan doctorate.
  2. To adopt, accept, or include as part of one's own culture.
    • 2000, Indian journal of Secularism, volume 5, page 12
      (We 'nostrify' a certain opinion, accept it etc.) This means that the identity of the subject becomes enlarged.
    • 2003, Berndt Ostendorf, "Eating New Orleans Style", in Christa Grewe-Volpp & Werner Reinhart (eds.) Erlesenes Essen, page 99
      New Orleans palates nostrify incoming cuisines thanks to a pervasive eating will bred into generations of enthusiastic eaters.
    • 2007, Benjamin Schliesser, Abraham's Faith in Romans 4, page 413 (footnote 164)
      Paul shows the Christian believers their place in the divine faith-righteousness, but does not "nostrify" Abraham in Christian terms.

Derived terms[edit]