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Not dogs


Blend of not +‎ hot dog


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not dog (plural not dogs)

  1. A vegan or vegetarian imitation-sausage, or hot dog sandwich made with one
    • 1993, Vegetarian Times, Aug 1993, page 106
      No longer do you see timid vegetarians trying to claim a grease-free edge of the grill for a "not" dog
    • 1997, Vegetarian Times, Jan 1997, page 42
      Makes a 1½-pound loaf of bread (approximately 12 slices), eight 3-ounce burger rolls, eight 3-ounce not dog buns or 12 2-ounce dinner rolls
    • 2011, Stanley Marianski, Making Healthy Sausages, page 303
      A vegetarian hot dog (sometimes referred to as a “veggie dog” or “not dog”) is a hot dog produced completely from non-meat products.