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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of not +‎ apology


notpology (plural notpologies)

  1. A statement in the form of an apology, but without contrition or acknowledgement of wrongdoing.
    • 2007 August 31, Kaufman, Gil, “Michael Vick, Senator Craig Prove That Sometimes 'Sorry' Really Is The Hardest Word”, in MTV News[1]:
      A short time later, Bush, who is certainly not known for contrition, went further in the notpology direction and lashed out at detractors of Gonzales, whose "good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons," he said.
    • 2012 March 6, “Limbaugh Losing Advertisers”, in[2]:
      Prior to the notpology, at least half a dozen companies had pulled their ads from the show.


For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:notpology.


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