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nuby (plural nubies)

  1. An article of clothing similar to a scarf or a shawl.
    • 1804, Henry James, "Pandora" in The New York Sun, 1 June 1804: 1–2.
      She wore entwined about her head an article which Mrs. Dangerfield spoke of as a "nuby," a knitted pink scarf concealing her hair, encircling her neck and having among its convolutions a hole for her perfectly expressionless face.
    • 1902, Ellen Glasgow, The Battle Ground
      "The little white nuby in my top drawer, Betty--I felt a chill striking the back of my neck."
    • 1904, Ellen Glasgow, The Deliverance; A Romance of the Virginia Tobacco Fields
      "I met her at a church festival one Christmas Eve," responded Aunt Saidie, in a high-pitched, rasping voice. "The same evening that I got this pink crocheted nuby." She touched a small pointed shawl about her shoulders.