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nugget +‎ -y


nuggety (comparative more nuggety, superlative most nuggety)

  1. Full of nuggets.
    • 2000, T.N. Michalakopoulos & ‎G.N. Panagiotou, Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 2000, →ISBN, page 45:
      Nuggety veins are characterized by localized, erratic, high-grades and coarse-free gold.
    • 2011, Peter Darling, SME Mining Engineering Handbook, →ISBN, page 189:
      Mikli (1986) does not recommend plate pulverizers for the final pulverizing of nuggety gold ores, as the plate pulverizer does not significantly reduce the particle size of gold nuggets.
    • 2012, Boyle, Gold: History and Genesis of Deposits, →ISBN, page 457:
      This type of nuggety gold is characteristic of deluvial and proluvial placers and appears to represent residual gold to which chemicl gold has been accreted; the whole nuggets in some cases have been extensively recrystallized.
    • 2016, John Bartel Weston, A Cryptic Odyssey, →ISBN, page 372:
      Like the old miners, I camped in the nuggety gully.
  2. Having the characteristics of a nugget
    • 2010, Marco Maurizi -, I Was a Teenage Critical Theorist, →ISBN, page 7:
      Post-68 Paris weighed on the spirits like a nightmare, a frightwig succubus sucking nuggety gobbets from the brainpans of the nervous and livid.
    • 2013, Elisa Morgan, The Beauty of Broken: My Story and Likely Yours Too, →ISBN, page 143:
      Plastic cases that held what I knew was a single nuggety sugar rabbit—the 1960s version of today's Peeps.
    • 2013 -, Colin Thiele, Blue Fin, →ISBN:
      For the first time, too, he felt conscious of Blue Fin as a ship with a spirit of her own. She was a solid, nuggety little vessel, with a good pair of shoulders to her and a backbone as tough as a battleship's.
  3. (of a person) Short, stocky, and powerful.
    • 2001, Julian Stockwin, Kydd: A Novel, →ISBN, page 232:
      The nuggety seaman opposite grinned. “No need fer that at all, boyo!” he said, in a pleasant Welsh borders lilt.
    • 2012, Adam Fraser, Write Now!The Third Space, →ISBN, page 133:
      Mark was a tattooed, hairy, nuggety, foul-mouthed Aussie bloke (you're probably thinking, as opposed to all those gentle, feminine men who work at the sewage treatment plant).
    • 2012, Steven McCarthy, Black Angels-Red Blood, →ISBN:
      The little nuggety bloke moved towards Tim and said, “I'll take you.”