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obelion (plural obelions or obelia)

  1. (anatomy) A craniometric point on the sagittal suture between the parietal foramina near the lambdoid suture.
    • 1993, Wolfgang Seeger, The Microsurgical Approaches to the Target Areas of the Brain, page 56,
      Obelion is a nearly constant existing anthropological landmark. It is defined as the midpoint between both Foramina parietalia (for typical venous Emissaria connecting veins of galea with Sinus sagittalis sup.). Obelion is located on Suturus sagittalis.
    • 2004, Louise Scheuer, Sue Black, The Juvenile Skeleton, page 104,
      The sagittal border usually runs directly posteriorly from the rounded frontal angle for about two-thirds of its length. This is the position of the obelion, and there may be a parietal notch in the bone (Fig. 4.37) after which the serrations on the border become more fringe-like as it slopes away towards the rounded occipital angle at the posterior fontanelle.
    • 2006, Simon W. Hillson, Robert G. Franciscus, Trenton W. Holliday, Erik Trinkaus, 6: The Ages at Death, Erik Trinkaus, Jiří Svoboda (editors), Early Modern Human Evolution in Central Europe: The People of Dolní Věstonice and Pavlov, Human Evolution Series: Volume 12, page 32,
      Significant suture closure is found in the lambda, obelion, anterior sagittal, and midcoronal locations, and complete obliteration is found in the bregma, pterion, and sphenofrontal locations.

Derived terms[edit]