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object +‎ -al


objectal (comparative more objectal, superlative most objectal)

  1. Having the form of an object or objects; pertaining to the physical form of something; material.
    • 1989, Paul Diel, Fear and Anxiety: Primary Triggers of Survival and Evolution, page 122:
      The objectal world that is perceived by humans is objectively reflected in their thought because it is the lawfully complementary object of the thinking subject.
    • 1995, Ratan Parimoo, Indramohan Sharma, Maharaja Sayajirao, Creative arts in modern India: essays in comparative criticism, →ISBN:
      Yet this speciality does not render this object as noncommittal to its objectal base. Art object retains its materiality. In fact, its commitment to the objectal base and this retention of the materiality provide art subject with its logic of becoming.
    • 2014, Geoffrey Bowker, Susan Leigh Star, Les Gasser, Social Science, Technical Systems, and Cooperative Work, →ISBN:
      Objectal knowledge can also be found in the organization of the workplace, of the shop, of the plant. More generally, the organized space (Bolt, 1984) can be considered as the objectal form of situated knowledge.
  2. Concerning the cognitive representation of an object outside the self.
    • 1984, Tzvetan Todorov, Mikhail Bakhtin: The Dialogical Principle, →ISBN, page 68:
      To what extent is a discourse purely single-voiced and without any objectal character, possible in literature?
    • 1988, Rachel Melkman, The Construction of objectivity: a new look at the first months of life, →ISBN:
      Environmental conditions are recognized as affirming or negating only in relation to accommodations that constitute neither affirmation nor negation, because preparedness for them is non-objectal.
    • 1991 -, Vita Krall, Sherman C. Feinstein, Psychological Development of High Risk Multiple Birth Children, →ISBN:
      As with the previous infants, no object constancy score was obtained at three months, and an objectal score at three months was obtained.
    • 1992, Giorgio Sacerdoti, Irony Through Psychoanalysis, →ISBN, page 21:
      Irony will, however, be differently characterized according to the type of relationship — that is, according to whether it is pseudo-objectal or narcissistic or objectal with a predominance of pregenital or genital levels.
    • 2001, Karl Figlio, Psychoanalysis, Science and Masculinity, →ISBN, page 123:
      Identification is a process that oscillates between these two poles: 'a narcissistic identity' pole; and an other-aware, 'objectal pole'.



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objectal (feminine singular objectale, masculine plural objectaux, feminine plural objectales)

  1. (psychology, attributive) object

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