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octopus +‎ -like


octopuslike (comparative more octopuslike, superlative most octopuslike)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of an octopus.
    • 1961, Victor Appleton, Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung[1]:
      The divers grappled each other in an octopuslike duel.
    • 2004 July 9, Fred Camper, “Living in a Dream World”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      A white octopuslike beast is described as something that escapes when the ice thaws to collect "escaped spirits until the next frost"; a hulking presence in the painting, it's rendered even more alarming by the diagram, in which it looms over the silhouetted man.
    • 2007 December 7, James Barron, “Bigger Cars, Flip-Up Seats, Poetry: How Riders Would Run a Subway”, in New York Times[3]:
      The agency announced plans yesterday to subdivide the octopuslike system and make the manager of each line responsible for everything on that line, from bunched-together trains to unintelligible public-address announcements.