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From Latin odor +‎ -meter.


odorometer (plural odorometers)

  1. A device used to measure the intensity of a smell.
    • 1954, Proceedings - American Gas Association (volume 36, page 717)
      Most of the odorometers now in use have been designed so that measured quantities of odorized gas are mixed with air furnished by an electrically driven blower.
    • 1985, United States. Dept. of Transportation. Research and Special Programs Administration, Guidance manual for operators of small gas systems (page 192)
      The types of detectors of importance are the odorometer, titrators, and the odotron.
    • 1992, Tony Stankus, Making Sense of Journals in the Life Sciences (page 201)
      On the quiet side, sanitation engineers like Gordon Fair tremendously improved both the testing and treatment of wastewater, bringing in chlorination, increasing aeration, and even introducing odorometers (not to be confused with odometers).