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From off- +‎ cast. Cognate with Danish afkaste ‎(to shed), Swedish avkasta ‎(to crop, throw off, yield).


offcast ‎(third-person singular simple present offcasts, present participle offcasting, simple past and past participle offcast)

  1. (transitive) To cast off; shed.
  2. (transitive, theater, television) To remove from the cast of a production.
    • 1985, Tino Balio, The American film industry:
      The experiment to offcast Davis began in 1937 with That Certain Woman; "She's a lady," we are told.
    • 1997, Ann M. Sperber, Eric Lax, Bogart:
      [...] and Paramount was not inclined to offcast its stars, the story was dropped.


offcast ‎(plural offcasts)

  1. That which is rejected as useless.