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Etymology 1[edit]

From off- +‎ standing. Compare Dutch afstand (distance), German Abstand (distance), Swedish avstånd (distance).


offstanding (comparative more offstanding, superlative most offstanding)

  1. Standing off; standing or situated at a distance; distant; far removed; remote.
    • 1865, Geological Society of London, The Quarterly journal of the Geological Society of London: Volume 21:
      In the offstanding hill near Little Malvern the rock is porphyritic, being composed of small, light-coloured crystals of felspar set in an amorphous greenish [...]
    • 1897, John Nutting Farrar, A treatise on the irregularities of the teeth and their correction:
      Forcing teeth farther apart was formerly regarded as a necessary preliminary step to moving offstanding ones into the arch, [...]
    • 1904, United States. Patent Office, Official gazette of the United States Patent Office: Volume 108, Part 1:
      A nut-lock including a plate perforated to receive a bolt, having an offstanding nut-engaging flange and a neck [...]
    • 1969, Canada. Patent Office, Canadian Patent Office record: Volume 97:
      A conveying device, as claimed in claim 1, further including a coaxial spiral body carried by and offstanding from the core.

Etymology 2[edit]

From offstand.



  1. present participle of offstand