oh my days

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oh my days

  1. (Britain, euphemistic) An exclamation of astonishment or gleeful disapproval.
    • 1907, Mary Patricia Willcocks, The Wingless Victory, John Lane Company, page 391:
      [] Oh, my days, don’t ’ee say another word about either of ’em. I wish I’d never been born.”
    • 1963, Will P. Rose, The Vanishing Village,[1] Citadel Press, page 192:
      "Oh my days," said my mother and she sank into a chair.
    • 2001, Alex Wheatle, East of Acre Lane,[2] Fourth Estate, →ISBN, page 33:
      Oh my fucking days,’ cried Biscuit, shaking his head. ‘We’re fucking jinxed, man.’
    • 2004, "Kunjufu" (username), comment in "Fathers and Childbirth" (online forum topic), quoted in Barbara M. Newman and Philip R. Newman, Development Through Life: A Psychosocial Approach, Tenth Edition, Cengage Learning (2008), →ISBN, page 111:
      Then the nurse mentioned Epidural, oh my days I know i[sic] nearly passed out at the sight of the needle going into the spinal column, all the while that wretch is screaming blue murder in the next room, 'get it out'.
    • 2006, Martyn Waites, The Mercy Seat, Pegasus Books, →ISBN, page 361:
      Jamal covered his face with his hands. ‘Oh my days . . .’
    • 2008, Budge Wilson, Before Green Gables, G.P. Putnam's Sons, →ISBN, page 12:
      Jessie was so amazed that she almost spilled her tea. “Oh my heavenly days!” she cried.

Usage notes[edit]