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olive drab (countable and uncountable, plural olive drabs)

  1. A greyish green colour, like that of a ripe green olive; almost invariably with a matte finish.
    Hypernym: olive green
    BS 381C olive drab:  
    FS 595 olive drab:  
    RAL 6022 olive drab:  
    X11 olive drab:  
  2. Cloth of an olive drab colour, used often for military uniforms.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The internet colour (X11) called olive drab would rarely be meant when used unqualified, especially when talking about clothing or painted physical objects. The X11 colour is much brighter than the dark matt colour usually meant.
  • US military usage refers to a colour distinctly more brown (FS 595) than the green of British military usage (BS 381C).



olive drab (not comparable)

  1. Of a greyish green colour, like that of a ripe green olive.


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