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Alternative forms[edit]

  • sometimes hyphenated or expressed as a phrase: omni-theism, omni theism
  • sometimes either the O or both the O and T are capitalized: Omnitheism, OmniTheism
  • variations of capitalization and spacing may be combined: Omni-theism, Omni-Theism, Omni Theism, Omni theism


omni- +‎ theism


omnitheism (uncountable)

  1. The belief that all religions contain a core recognition of the same god.
  2. The belief that every entity is a god.
    • Whitney Bauman, Theology, Creation, and Environmental Ethics: From Creatio Ex Nihilo to Terra Nullius (2009), p. 132:
      In other words, omni-theism is merely the other side of humanistic atheism: Both reduce life to the human center.
  3. The belief in all gods; pantheism.

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