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on-road (not comparable)

  1. Designed for, used for, or taking place on a driving surface that is traditionally paved, such as a street or smooth terrain


Derived terms[edit]


on-road (third-person singular simple present on-roads, present participle on-roading, simple past and past participle on-roaded)

  1. (intransitive) To travel in smooth terrain on a paved track.
    • 1993 August 1, Tom Opre, “Jumbo Jeep”, in Outdoor Life:
      It’s hard to argue with more than a quarter-million Explorer buyers each year. Explorer quickly captured the imagination of both the off-road and on-roading public; count how many are parked at your local grocery store (and note that about 40 percent of them are a shade of green).
    • 1999 March 24, “Mid-sized Pajero not too big, not too small”, in The Press:
      They prefer their 4x4s to have sensible dimensions for on-roading, as well as some ability in the dirt.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Generally only encountered in the form on-roading.