on the bounce

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on the bounce (not comparable)

  1. (Britain, idiomatic, informal, chiefly sports) consecutively, in succession
    • 2017 October 8, "Popey", “Sunday League Footie”, in alt.sports.soccer.everton, Usenet[1]:
      A tough openeing to our Kettering Area Division 4 season, with going out of the cup in the first round, and three straight losses on the bounce.
    • 2003, Matthew Symonds and Larry Ellison, Softwar[2], ISBN 074322504X, page 462:
      After those eleven wins on the bounce, it’s desperately disappointing, but Ellison doesn’t seem too down when I find him back on Katana.
    • 2007, Neil Boulton, Vamos! the Avon Plate Story[3], ISBN 1425141706, page 33:
      Two wins on the bounce. It obviously wasn't luck last week.