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oneiro- +‎ -mancer


oneiromancer (plural oneiromancers)

  1. One who practises oneiromancy.
    • 1987, Salomon Resnik, The Theatre of Dream, page 9,
      The interpreter of dreams, like the ancient oneiromancer, often becomes involved in the dream himself and thus runs the risk of no longer being a true witness (which often happens in the analysis of psychotic patients).
    • 2000, Tae-sŏk Sŏ, Peter H. Lee, Myths of Korea, page 198,
      He called in an oneiromancer who explained that the dream signified the birth of a daughter.
    • 2002, John Joseph Collins, Peter W. Flint (editors), Cameron VanEpps (assistant), The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception, Volume 1, page 41,
      Although a Neo-Assyrian prayer to the sun-god speaks of the oneiromancer (šā>ilu) explaining a dream to the king,10 there is no mention of oneiromancers among the court sages, nor does any of their letters deal with the interpretation of royal dreams.