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From oneiro- +‎ -mancy.


oneiromancy (countable and uncountable, plural oneiromancies)

  1. Divination by the interpretation of dreams.
    • 1979, C. E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel, B. Lewis, Ch. Pellat (editors), The Encyclopaedia of Islam, Volume V, Fascicules 79-80, page 101,
      The absence of oneiromancy among the divinatory techniques is justified by the fact that it occupies in Islam a higher place than that of divination in the sphere of religious inspiration.
    • 1989, A. P. Bos, Cosmic and Meta-Cosmic Theology in Aristotle's Lost Dialogues, page 164,
      7. Did Aristotle's attitude to oneiromancy change?
      In the foregoing sections we sketched the consistent and lucid oneirology which various indirect sources attribute to Aristotle.
    • 1996, Jean-Marie Husser, Dreams and Dream Narratives in the Biblical World, page 30,
      2. Deductive Oneiromancy
      This form of oneiromancy aims to decipher the messages contained in ordinary, everyday dreams, messages thought to presage future events in the life of the dreamer.