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Alternative forms[edit]


one +‎ time


onetime (not comparable)

  1. (principally US) Former.
    • 1891, Howard Pyle, Men of Iron [1]
      "Nay," said he, stoutly, "I be no Lord and I be no Prince, but I be as good as thou. For am I not the son of thy onetime very true comrade and thy kinsman...?
    • 2004, The 9-11 Commission, 9/11 Commission Report [2]
      A onetime special...forces officer, he had worked with Albright when she was ambassador to the United Nations and had served on the NSC staff with Clarke.
  2. (principally US) For a single instance.
    • 1896, Freeman Otis Willey, The Laborer and the Capitalist [3]
      So far as manufacturers, traders, and lawyers use the savings banks, they are very generally of the poorer classes; and these probably own a great majority of the larger onetime deposits.
    • 2004, The 9-11 Commission, 9/11 Commission Report [4]
      The additional funds included the FBI’s support of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (a onetime increase)...
    • 2005, ICCSA 2005, Computational Science And Its Applications [5]
      One of the key characteristics of the proposed onetime password protocol is that attacker cannot use password because it changes every time.