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oolite +‎ -ic


oolitic (comparative more oolitic, superlative most oolitic)

  1. (geology) Made up of, or containing oolites
    • 1844, Charles Darwin, Volcanic Islands, Project Gutenberg transcription
      Masses of white, finely oolitic rock are attached to the outside of some of these coated pebbles.
  2. (dated, 19th century) Of a prehistoric era; Jurassic.
    • 1852, J.C. Fremont, The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California, Project Gutenberg transcription
      These mines occur in the same ridge in which, about 120 miles to the northward, and subsequently in their more immediate neighborhood, we discovered the fossils belonging to the oolitic period


oolitic (plural oolitics)

  1. An oolite.
  2. (dated, 19th century) A prehistoric era; the Jurassic.