open the kimono

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Unknown. Possibly a calque of Japanese 胸襟を開く (literally share one’s feelings) or 裃を脱ぐ (literally to be frank).


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open the kimono (third-person singular simple present opens the kimono, present participle opening the kimono, simple past and past participle opened the kimono)

  1. (idiomatic, often business) To reveal confidential information, especially details of one's business operations.
    • 1999, Time (volume 154, issues 10-17, page 72)
      For the first 10 minutes, Lui refuses to "open the kimono" and reveal details about the company.
    • 2014, Susie Wyshak, Good Food, Great Business
      Before agreeing to “open the kimono” and show them everything, first ask exactly what they will want to see—all sales records, from all customers?