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open +‎ hearted


openhearted (comparative more openhearted, superlative most openhearted)

  1. Alternative form of open-hearted
    • 2012, Immanuel Kant, ‎Allen W. Wood, & ‎Robert B. Louden, Lectures on Anthropology, ISBN 0521771617, page 78:
      Drinking must be sociable, and if it escalates to a certain degree of liveliness, then it promotes the arousal of the mind and makes it sociable. Moreover, in this way it also removes the propensity for dissimulation, and makes one openhearted.
    • 1918, William Isaac Thomas & ‎Florian Znaniecki, The Polish Peasant in Europe and America; Monograph of an Immigrant Group, Volume 2:
      Dear son, don't be openhearted [generous], for openhearted people have empty pockets.
    • 2013, Sharon Salzberg, Voices of Insight, ISBN 0834825589:
      While we try to be openhearted to everyone around us, we can practice being openhearted to all the emotions, inner voices, and thoughts in our inner environment.