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or what

  1. (idiomatic) Or something else; allows for the existence of an unexpressed alternative to what was said.
    • 1926, Theodore Dreiser, An American Tragedy, page 68
      How should he know or guess or what?
    • 1982, Armistead Maupin, Further Tales of the City, page 146
      Do they check you at the door or what?" Michael laughed.
    • 2006, V.C. Andrews, Broken Flower, page 141
      [S]he asked me, and like you, I didn't know if that was like having heart failure or what.
    • 2007, Omar Tyree, What They Want: A Novel, page 95
      I don't know if she was joking or what, but I joked back with her anyway. […]. Did I take her back to her hotel room and drop her off or what?

Usage notes[edit]

Almost always at the end of a sentence.