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oral +‎ -ity


orality (plural oralities)

  1. The state of being oral
    • 1970, Judah Stampfer, John Donne and the metaphysical gesture, page 80:
      Indeed, this reading is particularly inappropriate among these oralities and physicalities, bordering on cannibalism.
    • 1990, Brian Stock, Listening for the Text: On the Uses of the Past, page 141:
      The oralities and literacies of the past are regularly made the subject of inquiries by linguists, philosophers, theologians, anthropologists,
    • 1998, Gary Genosko, Undisciplined Theory, page 173:
      McLuhan thought that writing was a supplement to speech; in fact, it was sandwiched between two oralities
    • 2002, Jane Dixon, The Changing Chicken: Chooks, Cooks and Culinary Culture, page 21:
      Falk's theory of consumption is based on evidence of a shift in the hierarchy between two oralities: speaking and eating.