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orbital +‎ -ly


orbitally (not comparable)

  1. (sciences) By means of or in relation to orbit
    Patterns of glaciation have been orbitally influenced.
    • 2002, J.T. Harvey, “Estimating census district populations from satellite imagery”, in International Journal of Remote Sensing[1], volume 23, number 10:
      The task of population estimation differs in three important respects from many other applications of orbitally acquired data.
  2. (physics, chemistry) By means of or in relation to an orbital or orbitals
    • 1999, Jeroen van den Brink & Daniel Khomskii, “Double Exchange via Degenerate Orbitals”, in Physical Review Letters[2], volume 82, number 5:
      The eg levels, or bands, in which the charge carriers move are orbitally degenerate.