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otorhinolaryngological (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to otorhinolaryngology.
    • 1998, Peter M. Lauven, Peter Kulka, 1: Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures on the Neck, Hans Heinz Naumann, Jan Helms (editors), Head and Neck Surgery, Volume 3: Neck, page 1,
      The premedication of otorhinolaryngological patients does not differ from that in other surgical disciplines.
    • 2001, Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez, Jean Aicardi, N. Bathien, Movement Disorders in Children, page 52,
      This has led to considering the phenomenon as of psychogenic origin and can explain why the condition is sometimes missed on a single otorhinolaryngological examination.
    • 2010, Vishna Radhakrishnan, Chapter 13: Otorhinolaryngological disorders, Jean O'Hara, Jean McCarthy, Nick Bouras (editors), Intellectual Disability and Ill Health: A Review of the Evidence, page 142,
      There is a need for studies evaluating the effect of early interventions for otorhinolaryngological conditions on social interaction, communication, behaviour and quality of life for people with ID.


Derived terms[edit]