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From Middle English outsenden, equivalent to out- +‎ send. Cognate with Dutch uitzenden (to broadcast, emit, transmit), German aussenden (to emit, send out), Swedish utsända (to broadcast).


outsend (third-person singular simple present outsends, present participle outsending, simple past and past participle outsent)

  1. (transitive) To send out or forth; issue; emit; transmit; broadcast.
    • 1906, Columbia Photographic Society, Philadelphia, Camera: a practical magazine for photographers: Volume 10:
      I happened to be where I could question this man about his action and all that I could get out of him was a cunning smile and "But why should I not get them when I want them, and those companies the framed pictures are outsending to whom shall them request?"
    • 1910, Lippincott's monthly magazine:
      Unto my friend this Day outsend A joyous Christmas greeting!
    • 1913, Munsey's magazine: Volume 48:
      From moist, dim nook and leafy tent, The fresh, wild breath of spring outsent.
    • 1919, Committee on the Judiciary, United States Brewers' Association, Brewing and liquor interests and German progaganda:
      Despatch hundred thirtyseven Berlin tenth despite false news outsent [...]
    • 2006, George Borrow, Clement Shorter, The Works of George Borrow:
      It was the proud Dame Grimhild The wine with spices blends; And unto many a hero free She messengers outsends.

Derived terms[edit]


outsend (uncountable)

  1. That which is sent out; a deliverable.
    • 1885, American Gas Light Association, Proceedings of the annual meeting: Volume 6:
      During his occupancy of this position the maximum daily outsend rose from 2,500,000 to 4,000,000 cubic feet.