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out +‎ way


outway (plural outways)

  1. (rare) A way out; an exit or outlet.
    • 1907, Liberty Hyde Bailey, Country Life (volume 11, page 544)
      If it is not cooked for hours the inevitable result will be disordered digestion and an overheated system. The outway for trouble of that kind is through the dog's skin, and perpetual scratching []
    • 1987, Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal (song)
      So they came into the outway. / It was Sunday, what a black day.
  2. (Internet) The path outbound from the LAN (Local Area Network) to the WAN (Wide Area Network).
    • 1970, B Beizer, “Towards a new theory of sequential switching networks”, in IEEE Transactions on Computers:
      That is, the "internal junctions" of various classical models will not be distinguished from the outways of the net; alternatively, every element outway could be a net outway.
    • 1975, AR Meo, IEEE Transactions on Computers:
      A parallel multiplier could theoretically be realized as a two-level multiple-outway combinational network, but its cost would be prohibitive.
    • 1987, JH Lemelson, Communication system and method (US Patent 4,710,977):
      Another object is to provide a communication system which provides for two-way communication between a central station and one or more outway stations wherein the outway stations are both controlled and powered by radiant energy directed thereto from the central station

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