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over- +‎ doss


overdoss (third-person singular simple present overdosses, present participle overdossing, simple past and past participle overdossed)

  1. (intransitive, Britain, slang, trainspotting) To oversleep, thus missing the intended railway stop.
    • 1996, "he...@uk.pipeline.com", Overnight to the West Country. (on newsgroup uk.railway)
      [] my next memory is of awakening to look out of the window, seeing the puke stained glass and realizing to my horror that it was light outside. We were experiencing what is commonly known in the bashing world as 'overdossing'.
    • 1999, "-=SteveH=-", Strategic Reserve. (on newsgroup uk.railway)
      ISTR There was a story in Rail Enthusiast back in about 1982 concerning a bloke who overdossed on some unit heading into Shrewsbury, and woke up in a shed surrounded by old kettles.
    • 2010, "darkprince66", Have You Ever Caught The Wrong Train or Missed Your Stop (on newsgroup uk.railway)
      And if I had a fiver everytime I 'overdossed' as a result of rover brain on the early 80's East coast overnights, I could afford to buy the bloody railway.