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over- +‎ pressure


overpressure (countable and uncountable, plural overpressures)

  1. excess or markedly elevated pressure, especially a transient high pressure due to a shock wave
    • 1904, trans. unknown, Wilhelm von Leube, Julius L. Salinger (ed.), Medical Diagnosis, page 101
      ... or whether the bronchiectatic cavity is due principally to a yielding of the bronchial walls to the inspiratory and expiratory pressure, to the overpressure of the engorging secretion, ...
    • 1997, Task Committee on Blast Resistant Design, Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities, ASCE, page 3-14
      The walls facing the explosion will experience a reflected overpressure.
    • 2004, Peter Smith & R.W. Zappe, Valve Selection Handbook 5th ed, Elsevier, p191
      Figure 5-19 shows a breather valve that carries separately a direct-loaded vacuum relief value and an overpressure relief valve.



overpressure (third-person singular simple present overpressures, present participle overpressuring, simple past and past participle overpressured)

  1. To subject to a high pressure