oyster plant

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oyster plant (plural oyster plants)

  1. Acanthus mollis (bear's breeches), native to the Mediterranean
  2. Mertensia maritima (oysterleaf, sea lungwort, sea bluebells), native to Europe and North America with leaves said to taste like oysters
  3. Scorzonera hispanica (black salsify, black oyster plant), cultivated for its dark-skinned edible root
  4. Tragopogon porrifolius (common salsify, vegetable oyster, purple salsify, Jerusalem star), cultivated for its light-skinned edible root
  5. Tradescantia spathacea (formerly Tradescantia discolor) (oyster herb, boatlily, Moses in a basket, cradle lily, Moses in his cradle, Moses on a raft, Moses in the bulrushes, men in a boat, Moses-in-cradle, salsify)