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Although Karulis does not list this word, it is very likely cognate with pūst (to blow, inflate) or pūt (to rot) from Proto-Indo-European *pū- (to rot, swell, become bloated).

-pūte would be the standard way of nominalizing the verb pūst (from its past stem pūtu) for neologism coining purposes, cf., gaispūte – standard term for an industrial blower. The past stem of pūt is puvu hence puve referring to various types of plant diseases.


pūte f (5 declension)

  1. pimple

Usage notes[edit]

Usually the diminutive of this word (pūtīte) is used. In more colloquial contexts pumpa is universally favored. In more formal contexts synonymous pinne is likely to be encountered more often than pūtīte.