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From the past tense stem puv- of the verb pūt (to rot, decay).


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puve f (5th declension)

  1. plant rotting or decay caused by fungi or bacteria
    dīgstu, egļu, kartupeļu puvesprouts, spruce, potato rotting
    burkānu baltā puvecarrot white rot
    biešu dīgstu puvebeet seedling rot
    sausā puvedry rot (rotting that results in plant tissue becoming a loose, dry mass)
    slapjā puvewet rot (rotting that results in plant tissue becoming a slurry mixture)
    pelēkā puvegray rot (rotting that results in plant tissue becoming watery, soft, and covered with a gray powdery layer)
  2. rotting, decay on other organic tissues
    peru puvebee larvae rot (a bee larvae disease)
    zobu puvetooth decay, caries


Derived terms[edit]