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1 - Palodze
Kaķis palodzē


Apparently a variant of paloda (lintel) (q.v.), ultimately from the same source as the verb lodāt (to crawl, to creep), presumably because, since doors were originally low, one had to "crawl" under their lintels to enter the house.[1]


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palodze f (5th declension)

  1. windowsill (a flat surface protruding from the base of a window frame)
    kaķis palodzēa cat on the window sill
    plata palodzewide window sill
    novietot puķu podus uz palodzesto place the flower pots on the window sill
    Alsters sēž uz palodzes, plaukstā sažņaudzis aizkara malu, un skatās lejāAlsters sits on the window sill, his hands clutching the curtain edge, and looks down
    lietus pirksti vienmuļi grabināja pret rūti un pret skārda palodzithe rain's fingers were monotonously rattling against the panes and against the tin window sill
  2. (rare) space, part of the wall, under a window
    suns atsēdsā palodzē zem krūma un diedelēja vakariņasthe dog sat under a bush in the area under the window and begged for his dinner


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